Members’ Social Responsibility


Lotteries are the main source of financing for the Olympic Movement in Lithuania. Support provided by lottery operators is also important for amateur and professional sport and cultural activities.

Lithuania’s Law on Lotteries stipulates that 8 percent of all lottery revenues must go to charitable causes. That means 8 cents of every euro that is paid for lottery tickets directly benefits areas of social importance.

The main shareholder of Olifėja, one of the Lithuanian Lottery Association’s members, is the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania – an independent not-for-profit public organization which belongs to the global Olympic Movement.

The Olympic Charter mandates that National Olympic Committees be free of outside pressure and maintain their own autonomy, acting independently of political, legal, religious or economic influences that might prevent them from putting the charter into effect. That is why the National Olympic Committee of Lithuania founded Olifėja, and why the state enshrined in law the stable financing of sport through lotteries.

Another member of the association, lottery operator Euloto, has a long-term partnership with the Lithuanian Paralympic Committee, thereby encouraging and supporting the Paralympic Movement in the country.

In 25 years, the members of the Lithuanian Lottery Association have already provided more than 70 million euros of support for sport and social organizations.

The money that the members of the Lithuanian Lottery Association allocate each year helps strengthen Lithuania’s Olympic Movement, finance the ongoing preparation of the country’s Olympic athletes and their participation in the Olympic Games, pay stipends to Olympic team members and backup athletes, and support Olympic educational activities.

The members of the Lithuanian Lottery Association also sponsor other sport and cultural organizations and projects. And many art, healthcare and science initiatives benefit, as well.

In the end, every sponsorship is a unique inspiring story where a financial contribution helps make it possible to do good deeds, rise to new heights in sport, and promote the country’s advancement.